BrokenHome1 With the recent disaster in Nepal, we have decided to open our PayPal account for receiving funds to go directly to families and communities in need whom have been directly affected by the earthquake. These funds will go towards long-term rebuilding of homes, after the initial relief is over. Every little bit counts. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOUR DONATION IS FOR “EARTHQUAKE RELIEF”.

As the large relief efforts will prioritize the people MOST in need, please give the BULK of your contribution to those organizations, such as AMURT Earthquake Relief. These funds donated here will go to families who are in need due to injury and home damage, for their long-term recovery. Beyond the recent earthquake relief, we have long term projects providing Permaculture infrastructure and education at four main focus sites in Nepal:

  • Shree Jana Adarsh Secondary School in Kobang
  • Prakriti Himal Permaculture Center near the Hot Springs of Tatopani
  • Tibetan Refugee Settlement in Marpha
  • Rainbow Children’s Home in Pokhara

Permaculture infrastructure includes: trees, food forrest systems, earth-works, Compost Facilities, Polyculture-Gardens, Natural-Building structures, and More.

Thank You for your generosity!