Nepal Permaculture Adventure

An Overview of our Program

Dates: April 1-21, 2017


So what does a Permaculture Adventure in Nepal entail?

  • Trek through some of the most prized paths in the Himalayas
  • Experience simple village life and culture
  • Learn the art of Permaculture and the tried-and-true native Nepalese methods of living harmoniously with the land
  • Enjoy natural wonders of the Himalayas such as hot-springs, caves, waterfalls, temples, and more…
  • Be a part of a global-community which is BEING the change!

Join Us and Say YES to Adventure!

We will begin and end our journey in Pokhara, Nepal. From Pokhara, our group service-learning journey will lead us up into the Annapurna circuit of the Himalayas, journeying through the lush Myagdi District, and entering into the ancient Kingdom of Mustang (pronounced Moosh-tAwng), home of the Thakali people. This journey will lead us through portions of the route prized by many as the best trekking route in Nepal. Our main objective is to learn Permaculture through practice in service to local communities. We will focus our service-learning at 4 main community sites (in consecutive order):

  • The Rainbow Children’s Home in Pokhara
  • Prakriti Himal Permaculture Farm in Tatopani (Hot Springs)
  • The village of Paudwar
  • The Shree Jana Adarsh Secondary School in Kobang
  • The Tibetan Refugee settlement of Chairo Village

Along the way, we will encounter a string of gems that makes this region unlike any other: hot springs, vibrant villages, and caves and temples that are the destination of pilgrims from all corners of the world.

So how much does the program cost, and how can I register?

A Co-Creative Convergence of East and West

The living traditions of Myagdi and Mustang districts of Nepal are rich with Earth-knowledge, community-relationship, and spiritual-wisdom. Our itinerary is designed to lead all participants of this adventure through an experiential process of understanding and integrating the best of these eastern-traditions while sharing our own skills and knowledge.

Back to the Basics of Life

Fundamentally, beyond the colorful traditions, what makes a visit to Himalayas of Nepal truly unforgettable is the simplicity. Our program design, aside from the curriculum and content,  is primarily an invitation back to the basics of Life: relationship with the Earth, with People, and with Self. What greater gift can we give ourselves than the gift of simplicity? To drink the cleanest water in the World directly from it’s source, to eat food cultivated from the earth upon which you stand, to share the joys of life with community, and to see a stranger smile the biggest, purest smile at you upon your encounter; this is fertile soil for appreciation.

LaughingLamaWideFrame1Permaculture can be called the art of relationship. This of course applies to the relationships found between the elements of nature on the Earth. We can use permaculture to design a harmonious self-sustaining garden with vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, bees, birds, and animals. And even better, we can use permaculture to better understand community relationships. We can design systems for communities of people to more fluidly co-operate with each other. Two people can even use the principals of Permaculture to orchestrate the dynamics of their personal relationship. The applications of permaculture roots deeper and deeper into our lives the more we look into it, until we come ultimately to the most important relationship, the relationship with ourselves.

Each day of our adventure will begin with morning Yoga, and often, a group circle to check-in and offer inquiries for the day. Our communal meals will be prepared by and shared with the local Nepalese people. We will have classes and workshops in various aspects of Permaculture and Nepali Tradition each day, and multicultural skill-share programs on certain days. There will be space to share your own inspiration, whether that be teaching a movement-practice or aspect of Permaculture, sharing an art-form, or telling your stories. Join us in co-creating the adventure of a lifetime!

Join Us and Say YES to Adventure!


“Mustang is one of the few places in the Himalayan region that has been able to retain its traditional Tibetan culture unmolested… authentic Tibetan culture now survives only in exile and a few places like Mustang, which have had long historical and cultural ties with Tibet.”       -H.H. the Dalai Lama.