Flights to Nepal

Suggestions for finding good deals on flights to Nepal:


      1. Visit (or download the very handy App on your smart phone!) and search From: your country of residence, To: Kathmandu, Nepal (eg. From: United States…)  In the “Departure” and “Return” date fields, you can select the month, and choose “Whole Month” for flexible dates. This will bring you to a list of the cities in your country with the cheapest flights available. (eg. Los Angeles: $874, New York Newark: $942, Houston: $1,141, etc…).
      2. Select your departure city, or the nearest one you could travel to. Below is a screen shot of a recent search of round-trip flights from United States to Kathmandu, Nepal on
      3. After selecting your departure city you will be shown a graph with the lowest prices on each departure date and return date. Select your preferred dates. ***(Remember, if you are coming on our 16-Day Adventure, Apr. 20- May. 5, that we will begin and end in Pokhara which is a 5-6 hour bus ride from Kathmandu, so give yourself a day to travel to Pokhara after your arrival in Kathmandu, and vise versa for your return journey). Below is a recent screen shot of a flight search from Newark, New YorkScreenShotSkyscanner2
      4. If the dates available on skyscanner are perfect for you and in your price range, GREAT! Go for it! Otherwise, if your ideal dates are NOT showing up on the graph, find out which airline the cheapest flights are through (eg. Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, or China Southern) and go DIRECTLY to the Airlines website to search your preferred dates. Often you will find they have more date combinations at the same price than was shown on They will also usually show you a similar chart to pick your best dates.
      5. Some trends recently on low-priced flights from the US:
        • From Chicago: Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airlines (~$1,200 round-trip)
        • From Los Angeles: China Southern (~$900 round-trip)
        • From Newark, New York: Jet Airways (~$1,000 round-trip)