A Testimony: “This experience has impacted me to the roots of my being. Nepal and her people have taught me so much about myself, the earth and how to treat them harmoniously. It seems as if Nepal opens her arms to literally everyone. I never truly felt like I was not welcomed or unappreciated during my stay. The people who I’ve met on this trip are some of the purest lights I’ve encountered. True Earth Warriors. Devoted, Inspiring, honest people who all had such gifts and ability to share and make up the group. The locals and Tibetans that we met were so incredible. Curious, patient, and so eager to please or learn and share. Nepal has allowed me to see life through pure eyes.” ~2014 Participant


Photo by Ben Newman

“When it is understood that one loses joy and happiness in the attempt to possess them, the essence of natural farming will be realized. The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” 

~ Masanobu Fukuoka, The One Straw Revolution

nepal10crop“It is our collective responsibility to protect and nurture the global family, to support its members and to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.”

~H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama


Photo by Ben Newman

“Permaculture is revolution disguised as organic gardening”

~Graham Burnett, Permaculture – A Beginners Guide